Velocette Motorcycles - MSS to Thruxton, written by Rod Burris

About the book

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Hardbacked, with colour dust jacket and printed on shiny art paper, it exudes classical quality. First published in mid 2000, it has reprinted several times, being regularly updated. It goes on getting better!

It has a fine pedigree, reflecting several decades of interest and research and is based upon a much sought after, and out of print, earlier work.
There are some 300 photos and illustrations, some from archives of factory personnel and motorcycle magazines, whilst some are fresh and new. There is also a large colour section, including several reproductions of period Velocette catalogues.

The text, some 50,000 words is logically arranged into different chapters, dealing with different aspects of the bikes. This is a technical development history, so expect some science! There is also massive amounts of history and amusing anecdotes.
In particular, much attention has been given to competition, notably production racing, scrambling and even trials.
The text benefits from being researched with the help of ex factory owner, Bertie Goodman and other former members of staff. It has been checked by an esteemed member of the Velocette Owners Club.

So, a book for the restorer, one to browse and enjoy or sit down and read from cover to cover.
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