Velocette Motorcycles - MSS to Thruxton, written by Rod Burris

About the author

Rod Burris and his Velocette

At school, university and beyond into his working life, as Head of Science in a leading south west independent school, Rod has always been involved in the technology of how things work. This, in part, drew him into motorcycles.

Now semi retired, well, in theory, Rod has more time to devote to his hobby, a hobby that began, as for many young men, with a BSA C15. Eventually, a Venom Clubman, always sought after, was acquired and led directly to the production of the first Velocette book.

A person of quite catholic tastes, Rod has a stable of several machines and nationalities, so not surprisingly, has penned articles for some of the leading magazines, Motorcycle Sport, The Classic Motorcycle and Classic Bike.
As well as writing and restoring, Rod likes to ride, sometimes to steam fairs and bike shows, but often alone around the pleasant countryside either side of the picturesque River Wye.

Rod also drives a Subaru Impreza WRX, an old Saab Turbo, Mountain Bike and likes gardening. He is sometimes seen at shows with his stall, selling, of course, his book.